Besides WANTING and LOVING the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android Phone because of its 3.2 Inch Screen that has a Resolution of 320 x 480 Pixels, its 180 MB internal Storage which can be expanded to 32 GB, its WiFi Capability and its 3.15 Megapixel with Autofocus Camera, I deserve the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android Phone because I need it, I haven’t had a decently working gorgeous phone since year 2006 and my husband and I have reserved all our funds to give a healthy and fun life to our daughter.

Here are the Pictures of the Phone I am currently using which doesn’t even have a working camera anymore because when I had it repaired when it was bricked, the man who repaired my phone took the device that makes the camera work 😦 They also lost the joystick button of the phone. It now takes 5 minutes to boot and too often the screen would go haywire and I won’t be able to use it unless i turn it off for 30 minutes, and the memory card slot is broken, no more memory card and can never have a new one. This phone is really dead!

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Winning the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android Phone will satisfy my craving for new technology gadgets for years and years to come and I would not rest until I get my hands on this 3.5G smartphone that offers a QUAD-BAND GSM which will be so handy during the times that my daughter and I will be able to visit my husband in Singapore, so that we can stay connected to the people we love in the Philippines no matter where we go.

And oh the touchscreen capability of this Android phone is to die for, its making me drool just reading about it, imagine what it would do to me if I get it, and the Camera is such an added bonus because I love taking pictures of my daughter, whatever the season, whatever the reason, and having such a technologically advanced phone with a built in 3.15 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus will just make life so much easier for me as a mom who brings tons of things for her daughter and barely has enough room for my own stuff in my bag. Having this handy Android Phone will surely make my life so much easier and will keep me connected and in touch wherever I go.

Where can I win this marvelous phone you ask? here is where: http://www.jehzlau-concepts.com/2010/05/im-giving-away-an-android-phone.html

Here is a picture of my daughter begging for the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android phone to give to her mommy as a gift for all her hard work and great job in raising such a marvelous little girl:


Please take pity on a woman who can’t afford to buy a gorgeous and perfectly working phone because of wanting to provide food, shelter and the most expensive commodity of all — electricity to her daughter?

~ by elaprty on July 5, 2010.

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